The Weekend Getaway: Salzkammergut

We hustle all week and our lives are filled with traffic jams, meetings and never ending emails. Don’t get me wrong here: I love my work. I think though that sometimes the city can get a little bit overwhelming and being outdoors provides a great way to escape the madness. It also allows us to get back to our natural environment, be more present and mindful of our thoughts and actions, and re-connect to the present moment.

The Map

map copy

Talking about amazing landscapes, Austria is just incredible. During the past weekend I got to discover with friends an absolute gem that is less than 3 hours away from Vienna. The area is called Salzkammergut and the best words I can use to describe it are: natural paradise. We stayed in a typical house in Tauplitz, and rented a car for two days to explore the villages and lakes you can see in the map shot.


The first stop was Hallstatt, probably on of the most picturesque places I have ever been to. A part from enjoying the gorgeous landscape, you have plenty of other possibilities: taking long walks, hiring a boat, visit the salt mine as well as biking.


IMG_0115We decided than to go to Offensee, I teeny tiny remote lake that just looks like a cloud mirror where you have the chance to swim and re-discover solitude.

IMG_0058On the second day, on our way back to Vienna, we stopped at Sankt Wolfgang and Mondsee. We snapped these shots after we’d found spots to sit, enjoy the views and take it all in.



I hope you liked the chilled vibe of this post and the pictures I took.For more shots check out @thenonmetropolitan. Please let me know if you have places you would like to suggest for a weekend getaway. I’m now going back to my mail box.

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